Jeff Gould, Speaker

Stories on Raising Healthy, Happy Teenaged Daughters

Mistakes, Ideas & Encouragement for Dads

Where: Harrisburg North Middle School, PAC

When: Sunday, September 23rd, 7pm

Cost: There is no cost, and a complimentary book, Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters, will be given to the first 25 attendees, compliments of Aaron Ellingsen, father of two daughters and husband to Amber Ellingsen, school board member

“There is no greater risk or reward than in parenthood.”- Jeff Gould

Fathers of middle school daughters often feel overwhelmed and unprepared for the challenge of raising a girl to maturity, especially in a time and place where so many conflicts and pressures affect every hour of the day. For help, Jeff Gould, author, speaker and Harrisburg parent of four daughters and husband of Libby Gould, HHS Choir Director will speak this coming Sunday:

 Jeff Gould has written and lectured on many subjects- none more important than raising children. His presentation for Dads will be interesting and entertaining and will feature examples and stories from Dad’s who have done it right and Dads who have made mistakes- Hard earned lessons and wisdom that will help and encourage Middle School Dads.