hhs culinary arts

With industry-focused skills learned in many of the district’s career and technical courses, along with creative fusion added by art education, artists and chefs-in-training were able to showcase their skills and support each others’ learning to create mugs, truffles, and hot cocoa bombs. Recently, learners in Mrs. Murphy’s HSMS 8th grade art, Ms. Rice’s HSMS introduction to baking, and Mrs. Rombough’s HHS culinary II courses collaborated to showcase their many talents. 

Ms. Rice’s learners were tasked with the opportunity to create something new and unique to accompany hand-crafted clay mugs created by Mrs. Murphy’s learners, while Mrs. Rombough’s learners created ultra-trendy hot chocolate bombs for learners to enjoy in their newly minted mugs. Chocolate truffles were challenging for Ms. Rice’s learners, as chocolate confections take time, practice, and finesse, but successes were found. 

Murphy, Rice, and Rombough agreed this project was successful because it gave learners an authentic experience. Murphy commented, “Artists discovered the importance of smoothing out the rims, handles, and outsides of mugs so it is functional and aesthetically pleasing.” “Preparing trendy items, making things look professional, and working with tempered chocolate, isn’t as easy as it looks,” Rombough remarked when considering the challenges her learners overcame. 

Overall, learners were held to a very high standard as their creations were seen by a larger audience. It was also fun to share their mugs, truffles, and cocoa bombs with each other to sample the finished products. For Murphy and Rombough this collaboration is just the beginning, with Murphy joining the staff at HHS next year, both educators have plans for future collaborations to excite learners' curiosity and sharpen their skills. Rombough encourages others to try food trends, “You never know what you and your kids at home can create, just dive into it and give it a try!” Supplies to make cocoa bombs can be found locally and many area chefs have added the item to their offerings for the season. Grab yours before the last bit of winter chill leaves the area.