As the school year wraps up, many upper-class students look forward to this spring’s prom celebration. Directing the HHS prom committee for three years, Julie Ollerich looks forward to the theme this year: Greek Garden. Beyond just planning, Ollerich enjoys watching prom come to life and seeing the community gather to watch the students during the grand march. On top of that, Ollerich appreciates her spot on the prom committee since she gets to interact with such creative students. She stated, “I really enjoy getting to know the students on the prom committee and helping them bring their creative ideas to life!”

Lainee Evans, a junior at HHS, disclosed, “We have very exciting things planned for this year’s prom. It will be very elegant with lots of hanging lights and soft colors.” Another student on the committee explained that the reason for the amount of detail and thought going into this event ensures that “our seniors get their fun, memorable, and well-deserved prom after all of the covid issues our school has been through.” Since planning takes immense consideration, seniors at HHS are extremely fortunate to have such diligent and thoughtful students on the prom committee that care about their prom experience.

Thanks to not only forethought but also organization, seniors at HHS can start planning for their 2022 prom experience. Anna Bushfield, a senior at HHS, claimed, “The most meaningful part of prom for me is spending time with my classmates. This year it will be one of the last events that my class will have together, so making memories with them is huge for me.” Finding last year’s prom extremely memorable, senior Beatrice Okken noted, “The food at after prom was scrumptious, from the chips and queso to the boxes of pizza. Not to mention the way prom was set up as well; the decorations were thoroughly thought out.” Prom is a memorable experience for many seniors; however, each student enjoys different parts of the celebration. For example, Aidan Stadtfeld, who is also a senior at HHS, explained that he enjoyed watching his classmates get hypnotized at last year’s after-prom party. Prom took place this weekend on April 23rd   and committee worked hard to fit everyone’s preferences while students prepared for the exciting night.