Happy Birthday Rebby

One of our most distinguished Tigers, Renee "Rebby" Rebnord, celebrated her 70th birthday on Saturday, March 12th. Newcomers to the District will recognize her as the smile that greets them in the morning here in the HHS front office. However, if you know that Harrisburg City Hall used to be a Food-n-Fuel, you probably know Mrs. Rebnord joined the District as a teacher and has been a Tiger for 42 years. In fact, when she began teaching, she made up 50 percent of the English Department! Throughout her teaching career in Harrisburg, she taught 7th grade through seniors, with the exception of 8th grade, for reasons we can only speculate. 

In addition to being an award-winning student council advisor, Rebnord also coached girls basketball, track and cheer. She advised drama, prom, and oral interp. Mrs. Rebnord retired in 2012, but because once you're a Tiger you're always a Tiger, she came back not long after and returned part-time as an administrative assistant here at HHS. When she's not welcoming students, parents and guests in the front office, she's serving others at George Boom Funeral Home or advising Student Teachers for USF.
On behalf of the staff, alumni, students, and all the parents and community members you have impacted over the years, we thank you for your love of teaching, service and leadership to our students, and devotion to the Harrisburg District and community. We are so thankful you call the Harrisburg community home, because as you know, Mrs. Rebnord, there's no place like it! ❤️ 🐾