alyssa chambers

Alyssa Chambers holds the following positions at Harrisburg High School: English teacher, sophomore volleyball coach, and student council advisor. She has positively impacted the lives of many in her eight years at HHS. In her time coaching at the middle school and high school levels, Chambers has provided great advice. Freshman Brylee Krier added, β€œThe best advice I’ve ever received from Coach Chambers is to not compare my skill set to other players on the team.” Ms. Chambers is very well known for her leadership skills; Sydney Hage, a senior student council officer, said her favorite attribute about Chambers is her leadership style. Sydney says, β€œShe is a strong leader who has lots of expectations and wants us to succeed.”
In her first year as student council advisor, Chambers has appreciated that members have been very receptive to new approaches. Hage said, β€œMs. Chambers has introduced so many new and exciting ideas to the Student Council.” One of Ms. Chambers' goals is to put the ownership back on the students. Another senior officer, Kennedi Reuter, mentioned, β€œShe comes up with fun ideas that everyone wants to be involved in because it's all geared towards students’ liking.” In the upcoming years, Chambers hopes to continue inspiring students and athletes at HHS.
Throughout her eight years of teaching at HHS, Ms.Chambers quotes, β€œI love the freedom that I get as a teacher to make my classroom my own, to teach content how I want to teach it.” Chambers' creative teaching style is set apart from other classes because, as said by a junior in her English class, Bryn Terveen, β€œMs. Chambers took great interest in my learning. She allowed students to use their creativity to create projects, which not only interested them but allowed them to learn the content easier.” Her coworker, Kaye DesLauriers, agrees; she mentions, β€œMs. Chambers has a positive way of engaging with students, guiding them to find their self-worth, and empowering them to be the best version of themselves.” Now working toward earning her doctorate degree, Chambers continues to model her love for learning; in fact, she hopes to live up to her sixth-grade social studies teacher who predicted she would make a great teacher.

Ms. Chambers and Mrs. Hettinger, Student Council Advisors, not only enjoy helping students plan, but also enjoy participating in the festivities.

Ms. Chambers and her English Department cohorts get in the team spirit by showing their students they prefer their puns intended.

Coach Chambers strategizes her team's next move at the Pentagon in 2019.