staff spotlight

Mrs. Hallman

Mrs. Hilary Hallman is a one of Harrisburg School District's newest language instructors, teaching Spanish II and IV at HHS. After four years teaching at a previous school district, Hallman realized she needed a change. To achieve this, she started to look for other job openings. In an email interview with Hallman, she disclosed, β€œI really wanted to end up in the Sioux Falls area, so when a Spanish teaching position opened up at Harrisburg, I applied as quickly as I could.” Ever since becoming an HHS Tiger, she has created strong bonds with students and has taught them skills they can use in and out of the classroom. She explained that the most rewarding part of her job is communicating with former students and receiving updates on their lives post high school; she loves knowing students feel comfortable enough with her to reach out.

When asked what goals she has for her students, she responded by saying, β€œObviously I want my students to learn and love the Spanish language just like I do, but I also want them to build a desire to travel and learn about new cultures.” She explains that she is attempting to reach this goal by sharing stories of her own travel experiences and negotiating with Education First Travels to plan a language immersion trip to Peru that would take place in the summer of 2024. Along with the immersion trip, she also said she would love to offer an advanced Spanish III and IV class that would open up an opportunity for students to take an advanced placement or AP Spanish class senior year after they had taken the combined course. When questioned about her experience in her Spanish II class, a student of Hallman’s, Madeline Scott, stated, β€œMy experience makes me want to continue speaking Spanish out of the classroom because she gives me the skills I need to know to speak properly.” To accomplish this, Hallman incorporates elements students enjoy such as interactive games. She helps many students not only grow their speaking knowledge, but also grow in confidence while making personal connections with them. Hallman positively impacts all of her Harrisburg students' lives and sets them up for success in the future.