Back in early November 2021, multiple athletes made their decision to begin the exciting yet challenging wrestling season. The four month-long wrestling season commitment began. On top of schoolwork, it’s a long haul during the season for the athletes: “We have two practices a day most days during the year, wake up early, do hard things, but they keep coming around hungry to get better,” Head Coach Rotert mentioned. The Tigers’ Wrestling Season is halfway over up to this point, and everyone has improved upon their skills. The athletes have shown much improvement over the last couple of months; therefore, the season has been very positive for Rotert and his crew.

Coach Rotert thinks that the team can be successful with all the positive bonding and hard work the athletes have been putting in this season. He says how he is “looking forward to seeing some of these athletes reach the goals that they have set for themselves.” At this point in the season, it can be very tough to continue waking up and going to practice twice a day. The athletes’ bodies are worn out and schoolwork can add stress to the season, but Coach Rotert is trying to help them all prepare for the last month of the season. Rotert states his plans for the end of the season by saying, “My plans to help them prepare is to fine tune their technique, keep them healthy, and keep things fun and relaxed.” This is a great plan as wrestling involves a variety of individual pressure; taking some of the stress off by trying to have fun and staying healthy but still continually working on perfecting technique will bring a lot of success. As a first-year head coach, Rotert has only been able to coach the seniors for a short amount of time, so he wishes the season could last a little longer, but in the end “they are going to be great in whatever they do, wherever they go.”

The team will wrestle in Brandon Valley for the Regions meet on February 18.