boys basketball

With a record of 9-6, the boysโ€™ basketball team has faced and overcome many challenges this season. Scott Langerock, the head basketball coach, is in his 14th season at Harrisburg. Listing his main goals, Coach Langerock challenges his team to win the ESD and METRO conferences, host a SoDak16 game, and ultimately win a state title. Jacoby Mehrman, the starting point guard on the team, also spoke about his similar goals of winning a state championship. Speaking about his love for basketball, Jacoby stated that โ€œseeing all the hard work we put in during the offseason in the weight room and on the court pay off in games,โ€ is the most rewarding part.

Because the team is young and inexperienced for the most part, Jacoby voiced, โ€œI think that we lost two games because we are young and havenโ€™t been in those situations yet. Hopefully we can use the lessons from those games to help us in the future and avoid the same mistakes at the end of the season.โ€ The team continues to focus on growth, not only as basketball players but as people. In fact, when asked about his greatest accomplishment as a coach, Langerock did not give one specific moment. He explained, โ€œI am proud that I get to stay in contact with many former players and see them become fantastic husbands, fathers, and successful men. I love having those connections. It helps a guy feel a sense of purpose that is bigger than the game.โ€

Coach Langerock spoke about some of the challenges he faces as a coach: โ€œThe biggest challenge each year seems to be helping guys understand that frustrations and failure on reps is not final but rather a chance to learn and grow. To not lose confidence in self or the team.โ€ The team will continue to work together to win; in turn, their hopes remain high for the rest of the season.