tiger basketball

Two months and twelve games into this year's girls basketball season, the team sits at 4-8. Although the year may not have started how the girls intended, the future has much to look forward to. Head coach of the Tigers, Nick Mayer, notes, โ€œAs of right now, I think our greatest challenge has been putting four solid quarters of basketball together. In our wins, we have done a pretty good job of that, but in our losses, weโ€™ve had quarters where we struggled and our opponents took advantage. Our kids know this and are taking the right steps to remedy it.โ€ Hannah Eide, a junior on the girlsโ€™ basketball team, says, โ€œThe start to our season has been a little rough. However, we have been learning and improving with each game that we play. I think that by the end of the season we will be an entirely different and developed team.โ€ A sophomore on the girlsโ€™ basketball team, Lindsay Wurth, adds, โ€œAs a team, we are getting better with every game. I believe that with each game we will grow stronger in how we play and interact with each other.โ€ Since the girlsโ€™ season has started, they have learned valuable lessons of determination, perseverance, and teamwork. Above all, the team has found that wins and losses do not define the game. Madelyn Duchenaux, a freshman who plays on the team, says, โ€œMy experience on the team has been amazing, put simply. I have grown as a player mentally and physically. The supportive yet competitive atmosphere that the coaches create during practices has helped me to develop a better bond with some of the players who I never imagined I would talk to.โ€

Last year's team finished 17-2. Graduating six seniors from last season, this year's squad still must adapt and grow into their new roles. Hannah Eide comments, โ€œThis year has been a lot different than previous seasons. I have gotten to play a different role on the team than what I did last year; likewise, I have also gotten a lot closer to the girls on the team than I have any other year.โ€ In addition to Hannah, Madelyn also said she has loved getting to know her teammates. She explains, โ€œMy favorite part about being on the team is being able to interact with all of the players. I look forward to seeing my teammates every day. I have loved getting to learn from the coaches and upperclassmen as well as being a part of the Harrisburg athletic community.โ€

Despite the season not beginning the way the girls planned it to, great opportunities lay on the horizon. Along the way, they will continue to grow closer together and learn the life skills of how to handle adversity, persevere through challenges, and contribute to the team.