Though the world is ever-changing, Harrisburg High School’s FCCLA Chapter has continued to thrive with leadership, determination, and opportunity. Ella Bergsmith, an HHS senior, is currently completing her seventh year in the organization. This year she is the HHS FCCLA Vice President, which is a title she is honored to own. She speaks highly of her experience, stating, “The environment FCCLA offers opportunities for like-minded people to come together and strive for success as a whole.” Another senior, Grace Starr, mentioned, “My favorite part of the year has been leading workshops at the Fall Leadership Conference as the SD State 1st Vice President.” Both Ella and Grace have valued their experiences in association with the organization as it has provided them immense certainty in their imminent job skills. Grace continues, “It is because of FCCLA that I am confident in my ability to interview and perform at high levels in my future career.”

Every school year, Harrisburg FCCLA provides students with a variety of opportunities to grow their skills in leadership, communication, and responsibility. In the fall, members had the opportunity to attend the Fall Leadership Conference located in Huron. Students from across the state of South Dakota came together to learn through their FCCLA membership and gain new skills. As well as providing access to various resources and opportunities, the organization has been and continues to show commitment to the growth of the members’ community service and social wellbeing. Though Harrisburg High School hosts a variety of shows and projects, the most beloved events are the ones that have positively affected the community. This includes the Celebrate my Drive campaign, raising $100,000 for the HHS District; the Annual Angel Tree; as well as volunteering at places like the Banquet and Delta Dental. Tracy Kern, the Harrisburg FCCLA Chapter’s advisor, demonstrates her love for the organization, which has only continued to grow for many years. She first associated with the organization when she, too, was in high school. She reflects on the time, saying, “The experience that I had in high school changed my life, and I want to provide that same experience for my members.” Mrs. Kern continues by saying her favorite part of this year was simply “working with learners from a wide variety of backgrounds.” Everyone is different; in fact, diversity is key to creating a stronger community with varying ideas and resolutions. The Harrisburg High School’s FCCLA Chapter is composed of an ample range of students; the diverse group has been able to grasp new concepts and create a strong and amicable district.