A New Year of Tiger Tones
A New Year of Tiger Tones
Ellysia McElroy
Saturday, October 27, 2018

2018 marks the third year of Harrisburg High School show choir, Tiger Tones. While competitions won’t begin until January, the team is already off to a strong start with the dances choreographed and memorized since July, seven months before any events and four months before now. The thirty students practice for five hours a week, according to the director of the group, Mrs. Gould. She explains, “Tuesday and Thursday mornings are strictly for vocals, while Wednesday rehearsals concentrate on choreography.  It is our hope to put these two aspects together by the end of October.” Prepping for competitions, while jam packed with a variety of exercises for both the voice and the body, tends to be quite upbeat, with casual encouragements between members.

Tiger Tones continues to grow and to develop, both in size and in details. Maddie McElroy, the dance captain who has been part of the group from the beginning, states, “We have added new elements, like costume changes, so that might challenge us in the beginning since it's something we haven't done before and don't really have experience with.” Despite these new obstacles, McElroy remains excited for the season and all that it holds. Mrs. Gould holds a similar attitude; she affirms, “Our show is very different from what other schools have seen us perform the last two years. The choreography is vastly different, and this will be a bit of a “wow” moment for the other schools watching our progress.” With so much changing within the show choir, improvement and trophies are surely on their way. Be sure to check the group out on Saturday, February 9th at Harrisburg High School for their Stars On Stage competition.