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May 17, 2017

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Upcoming Events…   

  • May 19: Last day of school 1:15 early release

Last Day of School:

The school board voted on April 18, to make the last day of school be Friday, May 19 with an early dismissal.  This will make up for the snow days we had in the 2016-17 school year.  If you have any questions, please direct them to the business office.


Grades & Report Cards:

Final report cards will be available starting May 26 on parent portal.  If you need help accessing the current grades, please contact the office and complete the signup form for parent portal before the last day of school.

As a reminder, if a learner has a ‘N’ in any standard in any course, summer school will be mandated for that learner. If in question about what a learner can do to improve a grade in a standard, please contact the specific teacher.

Additionally, the academic resource of Power Hour is available for all learners to take advantage. Power Hour before school is available from 7:30 to 8:00 and afternoon Power Hour goes until 4:00.


Summer Learning:

Many learners and their families are looking for ways to keep the learning going through the summer.  There are many options available to work on all content areas many of which come with fees, but for those interested the school district has purchased a license for that lasts through the summer. is a website used in all district buildings to increase proficiency and fill in missing skills.  It covers Math, Science, Social Studies, and Science. is fantastic at analyzing ability and giving leveled assignments to students.  Take advantage of this expensive service that has been paid for through the district.  Students will continue to use the same login they have use though the school year. 


From the Nurse:


If your student had medication stored in the health office this year please make arrangements for either you or your student to pick it up on or before the last day of the school year.  Keeping in mind we have a 1:15 release that day.  Per district policy, any medication that was left behind will be discarded of properly and a new bottle will need to be supplied, if needed, next year.

Michelle Cotter, RN
Harrisburg South Middle School Nurse
Ph (605)-743-2567 ext. 5205
Fax (605)-743-5630

Library Books:

ALL BOOKS must be returned to the HSMS Library on or before Friday, May 12th. If you have lost a book, stop in and talk with Ms. Jones sooner than later.  


High School Show Choir Auditions:

Join the Harrisburg HS Tiger Tones for the 2017-18 school year!

When: Wednesday and Thursday, May 17 and 18.  Starts at 3:00 pm, and auditions will be completed individually.  You will only show up one day or the other.

Who: any student enrolled at HHS in the 17-18 school year.  Mrs. Gould and Mrs. Vosburg will be holding the auditions.

Where: Choir room at HHS!

What: Please complete the following tasks at the audition:

  1. Sing the first verse of My Country Tis of Thee with no accompaniment
  2. Sing a scale in your range, up and down, with no accompaniment
  3. Dance the following choreography:

Step/touch, step/touch, pivot turn front and back, step/touch, step/touch big finish pose.

A couple extra notes…. If you are expecting to be in show choir you must be enrolled in high school choir.

If you need transportation to the HS please contact Dr. McKee at .  The school will bring students from SMS or NMS for the auditions.  Students will need to be picked up after their audition at the HS.

Any other questions may be directed to Mrs. Gould at

Camp Med:

Incoming 7th and 8th grade students: Are you interested in learning more about careers in medicine?  Please see the attached flier for a FREE one-day camp this June 7th at Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls.  For more information, please see our “Connect” page.


The HSMS MakerSpace is in need of Legos! We will take anything you are willing to give. This includes figures, Lego plates, special sets, or anything you are willing to give. Drop any donations off at the HSMS Library. 



Just a reminder if your student is going to be absent or late for school, to call the school office at 605.743.2567 option 4-1  before 9:00AM daily.  If your student is going to be out for an extended period of time and/or you would like classwork for the day, please let the office know about attendance and contact your students advisory teacher for missing work.



Parking Lot Drop Off/Pick Up Loop Safety:

  1. When entering our school to drop off or pick-up students, please use the South entrance. Drive forward through the loop and use the North exit. (see map below)
  2. The front loop of our parking lot is for drive-through and pick-up/drop off only.  It is a tow away zone since it is our Fire Lane to be used in the event of an emergency.  NO cars should be left unattended or parked in this zone for any reason and for any amount of time.  If you need to park, please use the designated “Guest” parking or the regular lot.
  3. When dropping off or picking up students, please use the RIGHT HAND LANE ONLY, and expect students to use the doors on the right side of the vehicle. In this manner, it is less likely for students to have to walk in front of a waiting car.   Please DO NOT PARK IN THE CROSSWALK, it makes especially dangerous for students and staff to cross the lane.
  4. When using the drop off/pick-up lane in the afternoon, please pull forward to where the bus parking starts by the library (see “X” on map below). Please do not block the handicap spaces or visitor parking if someone is parked in a space.
  5. Thank you for all your help and cooperation to keep everyone safe and still allow for everyone to get to school on time.parking lot


Parent Portal:

Are you signed up for Parent Portal?  If not, please see the form on our “Connect” page and return it to the front office or contact Jean Hudson at ext. 3010 or



Check out the “Connect” tab on the  South Middle School website for more information on various things going on at HSMS and our community.

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